This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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|Node| | Tekkia| |24/7 UpTime!| Factions| No Lag!|


Small server growing big, NodeTekkia in four words! We have good plugins, experienced staff and a dedicated 24/7 hosting service! Now, who doesn't like that? We're new, yet professional! Come take a bote of the awesome experience of NodeTekkia!


1.Don't grief

  1. Don't disrespect Staff members

  2. Don't steal

  3. No asking for OP or any ranks. Apply on the website

  4. No Hacking, greifing, duping or Xraying.

  5. No spawn killing or harassing other players.

  6. Mind your language

Visit Website for the Banned Items

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