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Cole's Tekkit server!


Welcome to Cole's Tekkit server!
Hello and welcome to my tekkit server. This server is a No PvP, No greifing, No raiding and No stealing server With EE Disabled. Sorry, But EE is disabled because I found it makes Tekkit Unfair. The Only EE Items I will allow are:

Energy Condensors

Alchemical Bags

Alchemical Chests

Covalance Dusts

Dark matter Picks, Hoes, and Shovels

Swiftwolf's Rending gale

Transmutation tables

These items are allowed However, you must buy them from the store. You need Iritum Ore For these trades :/. The reason for this is so that people will become more Use to Non-EE on this server and Get far In IC2 before they can use EE And by that time, You wont even need EE most likely.

For now, Here are the server's Plugins. (If you read the Tags, towny will be added soon.)




Towny (Added soon)



And I am open to suggestions!
If you think you have one, Please E-mail me at or Just add me on Skype! My Skype is Cole.walsh3 . I will be Making a website soon and I will have donations up. For now, Have a nice day!

Server IP:

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