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Uncivilized MC Tekkit

Uncivilized MC Tekkit 2 [v1.0.5]



Welcome to Uncivilized MC. We are a small group of gamers that ran the Darkade Network long ago with our main server being Tekkit Classic. Now that the long awaited update to Tekkit Classic, "Tekkit 2", is finally here after 10 years, we are back with a server as close to our old server as possible, but updated. Expect economy, faction combat, and of course outright chaos. We as the staff will also be playing on this server along with everyone, so please feel free to give any feedback so we can further improve yours and our own gaming experience. Just don't get too uncivilized out there. In addition to factions, we have a second world as a survival world if you need a break from the chaos. Do /server survival from our factions server, or you can directly connect to survival

We have updated to Tekkit 1.0.4 from Tekkit 1.0.5!!!

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