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[0.6.5]Malexcraft[PvE][30 slots][Few banned items]

Spawn Area
Spawn Area

Server IP:
Latest news: Looking for good tekkit lite builders
Server Status: Online

Why Malexcraft? :
Well at Malexcraft we are one of the only servers who supply a quiet and friendly environment with 24/7 support and server staff that try there best to be online when you need them most. Our server has 10 slots and counting with sub zero lag so you wont have to worry about downtime and the quality of your gaming.


  • Mature environment
  • Friendly Staff and players
  • Loads of great plugins
  • A whole world of resources on a brand new map
  • Gaming arenas
  • A server store and player selling plots
  • Many more coming soon...

1.No Griefing
2.No Spamming
3.No Advertising
4.No Cursing/No Constant Cursing
5.No Trolling/Flaming
6.No Banned Items(Tekkit Rule)
7.No Asking for OP, Ranks, or Items
8.Respect all Players
9.Obey Staff There the Law

  1. No Racist or Sexist Remarks.
  2. No greifing of any description

Banned items:

  1. TNT
  2. Nuke
  3. Industrial TNT
  4. Cannon
  5. All Dynamite
  6. Mining Lazer
  7. Lava Bucket (Placing)
  8. Teleport Tethers
  9. All Turtles
  10. Minium Stone

Server information:
We are open 24/7 so you can play whenever you want without having to worry about where you are in the world and what time you can play e.c.t. Our server has more than sufficient ram and processing power for a lag free environment. We apologise for the shortage of slots although we are forever working our best to improve the server and when we have donations activated we will be happy to improve your service.

Join Now!
Join the server yourself @
The server restarts daily a few times so if you cannot join wait a few seconds and you should be able to join.
Join now and meet your potential!!

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