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Spearhead Gaming Tekkit Legends

Spearhead Gaming Tekkit Legends

pin_drop (private server)

Coming soon.....


PvE - PvP - Claims - Custom Content - No Item Bans - World Anchors

Want a fun, well-staffed, honest server to enjoy Tekkit Legends on? The Spearhead Legends is the place for you!


>> Our server:
>> Discord server:
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  • PvE, PvP, Claims, Survival
  • Custom terrain & multiple worlds
  • Massive custom builds
  • No banned items
  • World anchors available for purchase
  • Active, helpful staff
  • Fast server
  • Plenty of things to do in-game
  • Donor options available
  • Not pay-to-win


We feature multiple dimensions to build in and explore, custom terrain, large unique builds, donation options, voting rewards, claims to protect your land, mines for resource gathering, and many more features! Our staff are trained and disciplined, and will always help you out as best they can, and keep the peace on the server. We do not allow cheating, and our experienced staff and advanced plugins quickly remove and cheats. World Anchors are available by donation, and no other obtainable items have been banned.

Unlike many other Tekkit servers, we do NOT cheat our numbers by using fake accounts, we do NOT alter our vote count through proxies, and we do NOT lie about our server's features and statistics. If you want an honest, fair and friendly server that actually meets your expectations - then look no further!

Join our discord for news, updates, support or just to chat!

Amazing staff, great plugins and content. Overall 100% for having a great and enjoyable time. Would recommend anybody to try this server!
Posted 23rd May 2019