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About Us

XoXCraft is a friendly survival server.
We wish to build a friendly community where you can find new friends, or bring your old ones.
We want people to play and build together therefore griefing is NOT allowed and PvP is entirely optional.
We offer an economy system so you can buy and sell items.


  • Towny - Towny lets you create a town which prevents anyone else to build there. You can invite your friends or other people and give them plots on which only they can build.
  • LWC - All your chests and machines will automatically be locked but you can choose to share them with a friend or unlock them entirely.
  • BOSEconomy - This is our plugin to handle money. /pay to send someone else money, the rest is automated for everything you do.
  • MCJobs - You can choose a job such as Mining or Digging to gain some extra money on the side.
  • Chestshops - Create a shop and let other people buy your items.
  • AutoRank - After a specific amount of playtime you will be ranked up to show other people that you are a commited player.
  • IcePvP - Type /pvp to enable or disable PvP. When you join PvP is disabled, if you want to be left alone, you are good. Please note that if you choose to do PvP, PvP-Logging will be punished.

And many other plugins to make your stay more enjoyable...

Donation Rewards

Unfortunately running a server can be very expensive so any help is very appreciated and is also rewarded.
A good way to help the server is to vote every day, but if you want to help out even more, you can donate money via Paypal.
You can buy various in-game items or donater ranks.
For more information visit our shop.

For support or if you want to connect with other members you can visit our forums at:

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