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Nexus Minecraft

Nexus Minecraft


Nexus Minecraft is home to the fastest growing and friendliest community server in South-East Asia! Our offerings include an incredible amount of gamemode varieties across our network compared to other servers! Such as Factions, Creative, Skyblocks, MiniGames, Survival and Adventure! All our servers are packed with premium yet unique plugins backed by a state-of-the-art global anti-cheat system. Asides that, you will be in awe when it comes to awesome looking builds that we have such as our server's unique spawns, arenas and many other structures crafted carefully by our dedicated builder team! To top that off, Nexus also organizes one of the best player events be it monthly events, special events or seasonal events!

On our Factions (Friendly) server, you claim land as your own and build your awesome base. Nexus Factions has its own anti-griefing system which protects your base from potential griefers. Leaders control who can can edit their faction land, who to promote and control their faction expenses.

Creative/Plots world is a place where players can express their creativity with the help of gamemode creative. Our server offers one of the largest plot size of (100x100) with up to 7 Plot claims! (Unless you're a staff member).

Skyblock is an essential gamemode for every server. It is a survival map where players are challenged to live and build on a floating island. The object of the map is to survive without cheating, expand your island, grow your own food and thrive. Players can upgrade their islands, unlock achivements and level up their island to the top of skyblock leaderboards!

This are where all the fun-packed exciting mini-games are at! We offer tons of mini-games for our players to enjoy, such as:

  • KitPvP : Custom made kits with a custom made arena made by our dedicated builder team!
  • Parkour : Over 8 different kinds of parkour courses! From Beginner's to Rage, 16 checkpoints to 100 checkpoints, and even wipeout teamwork parkours! Nexus Parkour standards are pretty high yet challenging
  • Paintball : A team vs team kit battle using multiple weapons to defeat your enemy teams! 3 different unique maps with challenging terrains! More custom made maps coming soon!
  • Spleef : The traditional one-man-standing where players will destroy blocks below other players, allowing them to fall off the playing field and into a pit. The objective of the game is to be the last player on the field!
  • VillageDefense: A cooperative minigame where players protect defenseless villagers from hordes of overpowered and undead zombies! Upgrade your kits and battle waves of unique custom mobs that will eat your brains out!
  • BuildBattle : BuildBattle can be played in Solo or Team mode and player's with the best voted builds wins! If you think you're creative and quick with your hands, then this will definitely be a challenge for you!
  • MurderMystery : MurderMystery is also a cooperative minigame where players have to save themselves from being killed by the murderer! Survive as an innocenet till the end or be the detective and kill the murderer! How long will you survive?
  • Missilewars : The legendary gamemode where you have to destroy the portal of the enemy team. With special items, you can place missiles, shields, and fireballs. You can ride on these missiles and defend yourself with shields, fireballs, and a bow. Until now there are practically no servers in Singapore with this gamemode.
  • HideandSeek : Similar to PropHunt, hide and seek is a minigame where seekers have to find the hiders disguised as random blocks across the arena! If you're a hider, you could also take a chance by killing the seeker himself if he is bad at his game.
  • OneInTheBattle: Similar to what everyone knows "One In The Quiver" and also spleef, this is a one-man vs all battle with multiple gamemodes to play! Coming Soon in Nexus!
  • SkyWars : Skywars is a multiplayer PvP game where each player starts off on a separate island and tries to battle each other like in PvP. The main goal is to be the last person or team alive to win. Coming Soon in Nexus!
  • Survival Games: Survival games is set in a hostile, intense, open-world environment, where players generally begin with minimal equipment and are required to collect resources, craft tools, weapons, and shelter, and survive as long as possible. Similar to any other BattleRoyale games. Coming Soon in Nexus!

Similar to every traditional vanilla pvp server, Survival Factions is a semi-vanilla pvp world that utilizes the same popular Factions plugin. Players are warned that this server isn't very player friendly where everything here is about diplomacy and war. Players declare wars and forge alliances. You fight over land, raid, loot, conquest and manage your monetary expenses. Set up your defenses with towers, bunkers, artillery, canons, traps, turrets and loot the riches of the world? Do you think you're worthy to be the King of Survival Factions?

Alike Skyrim, Adventure server is a single player or cooperative world where players starts off as innocent villagers in a medieval themed world. Players work their way up in their respective guilds in the region and complete quests and challenges. All the terrains, biomes and world is custom-generated with many unique structures and terrains, multiple provinces and custom boss mobs to defeat! As of now, no servers can provide such an awesome themed survival experience none other than Nexus!

Why Nexus Minecraft?
We are a player-centered server where we hear the voices of the players. We strive to provide the best Minecraft experience that no other server could provide. Not only that, our premium custom plugins will ensure you will gain a different experience from other servers alongside our awesome friendly community! So join us now here at Nexus Minecraft!

Server IP:
Instagram: @nexusminecraft
Facebook: Nexus Minecraft

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