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AimlessCraft Tekkit


This is a tekkit server! We have MobArena, PVP, some greifing, fun, tekkit, awesome plugins, great builds, Jobs, and much much more! As well as more to come soon!

This server is still under construction! Some perms may not work, as well as many things haven't been built!

This server is run by MinerDodec!! If you sub to our channel just tell us your YouTube name and we will give you 3 free diamonds!

Staff spots are currently not open but we will be monitoring people and seeing how they do. If we like you we will ask you to become a Cop, Mod, or if we really like/trust you and Admin!

Donations are being worked out. There will be two donation ranks and people who donate will receive incentives. People who donate run the server! We are only a 2GB server atm with 22 slots but with your help by November we could be all the way up to an 8GB server with 60 slots!

Builds under construction:
Zombie Grave
Castle Raid

Thanks for reading and have fun! More info on the server!

To apply for a staff spot comment on this post tell me:
What you want to be
Why you think you would make a good staff
Have you had experience?

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