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Hello, we are currently opening a New Social Server where we would like you to join. You can feel free to do almost anything in the Server.(Ya' know except breaking the rules and stuff like that).

(A youtube video to show a little tour around the Spawn and The City)

What people we would like to have in our Server:

We are in most search of social people who would like to chit chat with other peoples on the server. We will focus more on bringing new and social people into the server rather than improving the Gameplay at the time being.
Nevertheless, we do have some plans lingering within the Gameplay in the future, for example: Events and Tournaments.

We are a friendly and social community who wishes to speak and play with you.
Mostly we wish you to have a good time at the Server, you are a part of it aswell!


We have very few plugins for the time being, those are: uHome, WorldEdit, Worldguard, Economy and a coupple more.

Also, Here is the Home Commands: /sethome - To Set Home /home - To Go Home

Server Rules

Rule Number #1 - Do not Spam (Includes talking with Capslock)
Rule Number #2 - Do not Advertise
Rule Number #3 - Be polite (Includes outside the Chatroom aswell)
Rule Number #4 - Don't Grief
Rule Number #5 - Do not Flame or Swear inside the Chatroom
Rule Number #6 - Do not insult other cultures (And for example "Racism" is not acceptable)
Rule Number #7 - Do not ask Admins for Gifts or Items! (Do not even ask for Admin or GM) Rule Number #8 - Do not use any sorts of hacks! (Includes the website aswell!

Breaking any of these rules MAY get you Banned

Expected uptime

Open from 07:00 Am - 11:30 Pm on Mondays - Fridays
Open from 10:00 Am - 12:00 Pm on Saturday & Sunday

Go to our Website and check the Whitelist rules.
More information there.

We also do have a coupple of banned items, infact many to keep the Server Safe from Griefers!
For exampel DM-RM tools Novacatalyst and such.

And no - Swiftwolfs ring isn't banned!

Why we're doing this is because we want people who care, who can take their time and be a part of our Server, our community.
Quick Link to WebsiteWhiteList -
Hope to see you soon!



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