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The MaxedGaming Tekkit


The MaxedGaming MineCraft/Tekkit server is now live and accepting applicants..This dedicated server runs 24/7.

Build to your hearts content ( When you have the resources ) with weird and wacky design's or just go it alone in the vast land hunting that pork chop,that wool for the bed or the wood to build your first night's house..But watch out for that creeper.(SSSSSSSSSS)the choice is yours...
The wonderfull world of minecraft is here waiting for you..

The server runs the "Tekkit" which is a part of the "The Technic Launcher"(Must be installed before trying to connect,or you will not get on server)
Guide to install here

Apart from Tekkit we also have mo creature's installed on server(Again needs installing or you will not last long..)

The MaxedGaming MineCraft/Tekkit server has a whitelist enabled.
If you wanna join our server please submit you application here

Tekkit Wiki :

WTF is Technic
The Technic Pack is a mod pack for the popular game Minecraft.
It adds great features such as BuildCraft, Industrial Craft, Equivilant Exchange, Mo' Creatures plus many more.

Only a few main rules set are
1.No Griefing!!
2.Respect Other Miners And There Properties!!
3.Dont ask for OP (You Will Be Kicked/Banned)!!
4.Do Not Build Too Close To Other Properties Without Consent From Owner/Admin

Full list can of rules can be found when signing up

Guide's Can Be Found Here (Will help with plugins that are available in your group

Grief Prevention Is On By Default.(Stop Anyone Else Knocking It Down).

Warning: Playing Minecraft is addictive and hazardous to your health.
May cause slight impulse to just place one more block, the collapse of your marriage and/or the loss of your job.

You have been warned



See You There

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