This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Anarchium Infinitium - Tekkit



Anarchium Infinitium , formerly known as Anarchy Always , is making a comeback after having been closed for a while. Our server policy remains quite the same except for a few new twists which will be detailed later on. Our server focuses on full anarchy. Our goal is to provide a place for hardcore Tekkit users who seek action and excitement. We invite you to come and experience war, destruction and chaos without restraints. Since this is an Anarchy server, admin intervention is limited to the minimum. There are no server-sided features such as shops , services or warp portals. We encourage players to create their own shops, offer their own services to other players and create their own transportation systems.... or destroy them. Or what else they wish. Spawn is limited to a small area , allowing players to start building and playing as soon as they enter the server. Our server world is empty and waiting only for you to shape it as you see fit. So what will you be? Will you become a merchant , to fuel your progress by efficient production , and bargain for merchandise at the best price? Will you become a Scientist , harnessing your ingenius tekkit contraptions to provide you with everything you'll ever need? Perhaps a thief , plundering the treasures of others? Or will you become a warrior , crashing your opponents , destroying their bases , and claiming all they have by right of might? And maybe you will become the leader , and organize players of all kinds into your group? The choice is yours.

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