This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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JJTK Alpha Tekkit Server


Welcome to JJTK Tekkit server!

We are an alpha tekkit server with few players on. Our spawn has been created but not finished. The bright side is: when the server gets popular and the noobs start streaming in, you will be the greatest donator and have the best armor.

Our owners are Jackhejt and Minecat40
Our HeadAdmin is jediboy55
Our admins are just_say_e, Eatpier, momo250, dordor4, and bobclarc
Our moderator is Chompieproof
Our Engineer is HaddonMan

First five people on too see Jackhejt will receive full Nanosuit armor and ruby tools. Be sure to log on soon!

Donation ranks:
Titan ($20) - /kit titan (full dark matter armor, dark matter tools, red matter sword)
God ($10) - /jump, /tp, /kit god (full bronze armor, ruby tools, nano saber)
Hero ($5) - /nick, /kit hero (diamond chestplate and leggings, iron boots and helmet, diamond tools, ruby sword)
Citizen (register) - /tpa, /kit citizen (leather armor, stone tools)
Pheasant (default) - /spawn, /home, /sethome
All ranks citizen and above may set infinite homes, pheasant gets to set only one
All ranks have the commands and kits of any rank below it

-No hacking
-No greifing
-No swearing
-No spamming
-Do not use items that could grief your neighbors
-No crystal chests or philosopher's stones (lag)
-Do not steal

*Breaking any rules will result in punishment such as a kick, mute or ban

That is all over, now log on and have some tekkit fun!

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