This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Trolboys Tekkit Classic!


Welcome to Trolboys! Our server is a dedicated, 24/7 Tekkit Classic server, welcoming everybody! We have the minimum of banned items, and glitches have been patched!


  1. TNT (Explosives)
  2. Nuke (Explosives)
  3. Nova Catalysm (Explosives)
  4. Nova Catalyst (Explosives)
  5. RM Furnace (Duping)
  6. Block Breaker (Bypass Claims)
  7. Automatic Crafting Table (MkII) (Can Craft Banned Items!)
  8. Industrial TNT (Explosives)
  9. Dynamite (Explosives)
  10. Tank Cart (Glitching and Duping)
  11. Destruction Catalyst (Bypass Claims)
  12. Ring of Arcana
  13. World Anchor (Map Corruption over time)

We use GriefPrevention, to minimise griefing, and maximise fun and capability!

We are also a factions server!


  1. No Cheating!
  2. No Hacking!
  3. No Chat Abuse!
  4. No Advertising other servers on our server!
  5. No offensive language! (Racism, Swearing, etc.)
  6. No Asking for OP/Ranks!
  7. No Asking for Items!
  8. No hassling Staff!

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