This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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We are now our own custom launcher! Finally Stryka has it's own pack loaded with goodies! Stryka is a server based on lore the staff and community are friendly and experienced come see us today. Some of our server plugin features are /warp spawn /sethome /home /tpa commands and iconomy. The server itself is almost a year old and the staff is almost as old as the server. To get our custom modpack follow the instructions below. First you will need the launcher. We have tons of mods including traincraft, thaum, boats, forestry, guns, steves carts, twilight forest, and much much more. There is not a lot of lag if any at all.

After you have gotten the launcher on the right hand side is an add modpack button click this it will take you to thier webpage. Type in stryka in the box in the upper right that says search for modpack it will take you directly there. Next copy the link it gives you and back to the launcher on the launcher on the left hand side there is a scroll menu in this menu click add modpack a menu will appear. Click the paste button and add modpack and poof your done! Now all you need to do is hit launch it will take a while and may state not responding just disregard that and wait. After a while of install and load then you can play.

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