This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Alaco Inc.


Well hello there welcome to Alaco Inc. ! We are a new Tekkit server looking for new players! :D As of now the only staff is me the Owner but maybe you could be lucky enough to become a staff member. :0

To join the server you need to use the DEVELOPMENT BUILD of Tekkit.
As of now this will more then likely be a temporary set up and I will be able to fix it so you do not have too.

The server has a few things from the old Tekkit build like the Weapons Mod, I know a lot of people miss that. We have a few other plugins just for the servers purpose. We will be having factions soon just needs to be fixed.

We are PvP and you can grief although not recommended if trying to make friends. :P Also, the only thing AS OF NOW that is banned are Nukes. Please do not use them they ruin servers and make them look horrible. If you are going to use any other type of EXPLOSION, please use them underground for mining purposes only. Thank You.

Okay well I hope you join and have an amazing time at Alaco Inc. !!!!

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