This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Pure Tekkitcraft


We now have 2 servers!

  • 1.2.5 Tekkit Classic
  • 1.4.7 Custom Modpack with all your favourite mods and plugins!

In the 1.2.5 Tekkit Classic,
We have a Survival, Factions, Creative + Games World!

This Tekkit server is for anyone, young and old but we do ask for a level of maturity in our members.
Anyone is free to come and play on our server but you will be restricted to what you can do unless you register on the website. ( )

YES we have EE-Enabled BUT some of it has been removed or restricted for being overpowered or just bad for the server. at this moment, we do allow collector Mk1's but they have been slowed down, All things like Condensers, Dark Matter, Red Matter etc are enabled.

Currently we have a 40 Slot server, hosted in the USA

It Is impossible for me to keep every banned item list up do date with the current setting, so for a full list of banned / rank restricted items at this moment in time please head over to:

These items are banned or restricted for a specific reason. if you wish to discuss or give your opinion on why an item should be removed then please use the in game command /modreq (item) (explain) and we will get back to you when we can.

and our main website is at:

You MUST have the Tekkit launcher to play on this server. you can get it here:

On our 1.4.7 Custom Modpack, (PTCLite) We have.

All of your favourite mods and plugins!
A mining mystcraft world! (for when we add new mods, you will never be without new ores!)
Automatic client updates for when the server is updated!
Starting tutorials for certain mods (thaumcraft for example)
No PvP, just all survival for now!
GriefPrevention, Never get your stuff stolen!
All Griefable items are unusable in main, but usable in mining world!
We have Portal Guns!

What we are planning to add!

Automated games to play
More mods as they are discovered or voted for!
Mall for player shops!
Admin shops!
Voting rewards!
And Tons More!


¬ Be respectful to Staff and Players
¬ Gravity is here for a reason, buildings dont float!
¬Use common sense
¬ No hacking in any way, shape or form
¬ Do not purposfully lag the server
¬ Do not dupe
¬ Do not use any exploit from any mod/minecraft
¬ Do NOT Grief (for specifics, see each worlds /rules in-game)
¬ Do not harrass other players
¬ Do not advertise another server
¬ Do not spam in any way
¬ Do not be a douch
¬ Respect the enviroment
¬ Respect other players space
¬ Do not build 1x1 sky pillars
¬ Do not ask about staff! Trialmod apps are on our website.
¬ Afk kicks are there for a reason, bypassing can be punishable.


If you decide you want to donate to this server to help towards the upgrade's and general running of the server then you will gain access to extra items and perks. You will also be automatically white-listed on our new modpack!

All donations go towards server upgrades and the website, anything left over from one month will be carried onto the next months bill.


At this moment are not taking on any more Trial Mods, Currently we have:

Owner: Debzerz (Lee/Me)

Co-Owner: Buildernoob56 (Highlander/Tommy)

1 Head Admin: Assassin243

1 Admin: Jgirwin

4 Mods: iPodHacks142, Opee_, TanekEros, Lucarios_96

When we do accept Trial Mods, you have to submit an application that you can find on the website.

Trial Mod status is given to you once you pass our application and have proved yourself in the game environment by helping out when ever you can.

Trial mods get access to jail, kick and Modreq's
Full mods get access to Jail, Kick, Ban, Modreq's, LogBlock and some donation only items to help them with their moderation.

For Banner Referance.
/* Whitelisted Custom Modpack
/** Only avaliable to PTC Classic players that have been registered on the website for 2 weeks

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