This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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An experiment:

--The Self Governing Server.

Terms & Conditions

1: The player starts with nothing and no build rights.
Run for ten minutes, after which you will automatically move to the rank of Beginner.
You may now build.
Be swift, little one.

2: The server will be run by the players; each has the ability to automatically rank up to more powerful positions including that of Moderator.

3: The /help menu is your only friend.

4: The administrator will only intervene if there is a hack attack or to perform maintenance.
All player related matters are left alone.

5: Griefing is permitted; destroying is encouraged.

6: You will need to think to survive and be smart about your goals.
You may be gimped automatically and without notice if you become too powerful.

7: We do not ban except for hacking though spamming may activate the filter, which may ban you automatically.
In such cases it would be nice of the administrator to lift the ban.
The administrator, however, is not nice. he will not lift it. you cannot appeal.

8: There are no conventional /rules but you are encouraged to read it.

9: There are several banned items to keep things smooth; there is no list.

10: There is no contact with the administrator at any time.

Logging into the server constitutes acceptance of the above terms and conditions.

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