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This Server is for Mature/Adult Players

Anyone is welcome to join if you consider yourself mature; also, we keep a pretty relaxed feel to the server.

This is not a donation server NOR is this to make money. All features are enabled for everyone and you can get anything changed by a majority vote. The goal is to have a strong small community where everyone helps everyone and to just have fun!

Some Features

  • Magnet enabled via NEI
  • MyTown Protection (You control your claims permissions)
  • Everyone has access to the /fly command
  • /heal & /feed available on a countdown timer
  • Instant TP (No Countdown)
  • /nick for nicknames is available
  • Color Chat is enabled for all
  • No Disabled Mods; this means Mystcraft, DimDoors & All Others are enabled
  • No Restrictions on items
  • Requests can be made for new commands

for a full list of commands and features, see in-game as this is constantly changing

MyTown Protection Commands

/town new "name" - will create a new town
/town perm town - will show the permissions for a new town
/town perm town set (node) (setting) - will set the permission for your town
EXAMPLE /town perm town set bc true - will enable bc on your town
EXAMPLE /town perm town set be ? - will show all available permissions
/town perm plot - will set permissions specifically for a chunk
/town help - for more details

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