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[center] In celebration of three months open and FOUR THOUSAND players, the staff of Multicraft is glad to open a BRAND NEW TEKKIT SERVER![/center]
[size=8][size=4]Welcome to Multicraft Tekkit! On Multicraft's Tekkit server, we are dedicated to creating a server that any, and every Tekkit player will enjoy![/size][/size]

[size=8][size=4]Check out our website HERE[/size][/size]
[size=8][size=4]Like us on Facebook HERE[/size][/size]

[size=5]Get Tekkit HERE[/size]

[size=3]To join: Open the Tekkit Launcher, hit Multiplayer, click add server, in server address put the IP listed above.[/size]

[size=8][size=4][i]Survival[/i] - This is currently our one and only world! Here you can play Tekkit to it's max! [/size][/size]


  1. Respect all staff and players!
  2. Do not use excessive amounts of capital letters in chat.
  3. Do not use any hacked clients OR X-Ray, these will result in an insta-ban!
  4. One swear word every once in awhile is okay, if you use swear words a lot you will be muted/banned/kicked!
  5. Do not use any exploits, report them!
  6. Do not use any banned items!


We have very dedicated staff and there will always be one there to help you!
All admins know what to do in almost all situations whether it's a griefing or a hacker!
Server is also 24/7 unless it has to be down for maintenance or something else![/center]

[center]Vote for the server HERE[/center]
[center]Also diamond us on Planet Minecraft HERE![/center]

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