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Star Light


All new tekkit server Star Light!
Starlight new community looking for new members, competitive types will find this server a little more interesting run with PvP and PvE maps we don't take kindly to griefers and Immature types we Cater to the strong that love to put up a fight and show they have what it takes to be the best.

Where just starting Off as of this week and are Working around the clock to make it fun we have a 100% Motto to take Server suggestions

We are a tekkit Classic server and don't mind a bit of a challenge, Items in our shops are limited so that way there isn't much of a boost in getting ahead of others to early!(Server wipes are unlikely but in the event one happens and items and map are lost, its due to getting the server balanced my apologies. There a very few reasonable Item bans, they current map size shouldn't hold a issue for early game.

  Look here builders! (Must be patient and not spam for it!!!!)

where are in need of builders, in fact there's only a few of us that are able to build(decently) around the clock to get this rolling.
If your interested Head to the Site And in the applications Tab Replace GM/Mod with -Help has Arrived!- This may actually open you up a free perk depending on the current rank you hold on the title when they are released.

See you soon!

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