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About LightningCraft Tekkit Server
LightningCraft Tekkit is a Tekkit Hardcore PvP Faction Server. We are a fair played server. We do not allow hacking or any type of cheating. We also do not allow swearing or trolling! We try to have a 24/7 uptime on the server. If there is issues we will fix them as soon as we can. Our server is Home hosted right now, so when our website comes up, be sure to donate if you like this server!

About Tekkit Mod Pack
Tekkit is a large Mod Pack for people to play online with. In this mod pack it has many mods like RedPower, BuildCraft, and IndustrialCraft2. RedPower has half blocks and more small blocks. RedPower also has wires that can go on walls and that are insulated with diffrent types of blocks to blend in! Buildcraft has machines that will mine for you, this will let you get more time to build!! IndustrialCraft2 will let you get these new ores for amazing new armor that are way more powerful than before! You always want to try to get the most "power" in the server! (power as in Energy for your machines). Lastly there are these new sounds in the game that makes the game more realistic! Ex. New Cave Sounds, Wind Sounds, Water Sounds, and more!

About Factions
Factions is a teaming up plugin for Bukkit Servers. This is mainly ment for servers that my survival and pvp. We use it for those reasons. It lets you keep your land protected unless they over power you by killing your team to make your power under your land. All you need to do is protect your land and then go to other bases to kill them the raid their land! All about getting the best base and the best protection! The more players you have the more land you can claim!
We also have FactionsPlus, so it adds more to the fun!
Server Information
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