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[Whitelisted] [Tekkit Classic] Central Tekkit [24/


Ever wanted to try a Tekkit Classic server? Other servers too laggy or mainstream? Seen YouTubers brag about it but never been able to find a server? Then why not apply to be whitelisted on our small scale anti-griefing tekkit classic server named Central Tekkit :) Who knows.. you may actually enjoy it and wish to become part of the community, and you may even invite friends to grow as a faction to build an awesome base.

This is a small scale community server whose aim is to stay small scale, and enjoy themselves. We strive to enjoy tekkit classic without other people spoiling the fun for you; because of this we frown upon griefers and raiders on our server, so the server is and will be whitelisted. It's not whitelisted because we don't want you to join, merely just because we want to remain a small scale community server, and not become a huge popular server that will ruin the fun of tekkit classic by blocking or banning all the items that make tekkit classic fun! We would love it if you came and join us perhaps even stay and become part of its community?

We know that you spend a lot of time dedicated to constructing elaborate factories that can automate things, or maybe huge castles in which you like the practice the arts of transmuting with EE2, and because of this we have to ban griefing and raiders to make sure that you don't have to constantly rebuild your base, or get it rollback from where someone nuked your factory to a pulp.

Unfortunately because there will always be malicious players out there who enjoy seeing others discomfort or misery, we've had to ban a few potential items that can be used for griefing; not to worry though, its only a few items, such as tools and items like:
~Destruction catalysts
~Nova Catalysts

This server also has basic plugins that can be helpful for you when playing our tekkit classic server, such as Essentials, for basic commands, and Factions for protection and PvP fun, but not enough plugins so that it reaches the point that it's no longer fun, and simple Tekkit Classic pleasures aren't enjoyable.

Want to join the server? Would you like to be whitelisted and become part of the Central Tekkit Server's community? Then click here to create a whitelist application

~No Griefing
~No Raiding
~No Disrespecting Staff
~No providing the means to players whom wish to grief
~No Provoking players to grief or raid you
~Go enjoy yourself!
~No stealing from your faction to create a new faction!
~No purposely damaging the terrain or destroying the map - You make a mess you repair it or cover it up

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