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Hello, and welcome to Enter The Void!

We are aiming to create a friendly and fun server for everyone to enjoy. We've big plans for it and invite everyone to be a part of it! Our server is a Tekkit server with minor restrictions, so the entire world's open for you to claim. You can go at it alone, or band together with your friends to form powerful factions. Whether you achieve dominance through the technology of IndustrialCraft, the machinery of Redpower, the magic of Equivalent Exchange, or through a combination of all three is up to you.


This is a Tekkit Classic server, which means you'll need the Technic Launcher in order to join. The Technic Launcher can be found here.

When you download the launcher, make sure to change to Tekkit Classic before trying to join, or you'll get an error.


Griefing and raiding are allowed, but that isn't a free ticket to be a jerk. Respect other players and we'll respect you!
Hacked clients, X-Ray texture packs, and so forth are strictly prohibited. They will result in an immediate ban.
Profanity is not permitted and will result in jail time.
Exploits (dupe glitches, for example) are prohibited and will result in jail time

Server Information:

The server has 30 slots and is well configured to balance player freedoms with server stability. Certain items are disabled. A comprehensive list is below, along with reasons for their bans:

Dimensional and World Anchors - Server Lag
Mercurial Eye - Bypasses Restrictions
Cannon - World Corruption Issues
Anchor Cart - Server Lag
Tunnel Bore - Bypasses Restrictions
Force Fields - Balance
EE2 Rings (excluding Swiftwolf + Archangel's Smite) - Stability Issues and Restriction Bypassing
Nukes - Server Lag
Water Strainers - Stability
Wireless Redstone - Server Lag
Mining Well - Bypasses Restrictions
Frame Motors - Bypasses Restrictions
Black Hole Chest - World Corruption Issues

If you believe an item should be unrestricted, contact us at the address provided below and we will look into the matter.
Server IP: Make sure to get the port number right!


If you wish to donate then use this link.

There are four donation tiers- they're all cumulative.

Donator ($5): Access to the /back command, the power to set two homes, and 64 diamonds.

VIP ($15): Access to the /nick command and your choice of either a quantum chestplate or a red matter chestplate.

VIP+ ($30): The power to set three homes, removal of the five-second teleport delay, four more stacks of diamonds, and five red matter.

Legend ($50): The power to set five homes, 45 more red matter, five more stacks of diamonds, and a full set of quantum armor. Furthermore, you receive the awe-inspiring /hat command![/spoiler]

If you've caught a hacker, want to submit a ban appeal, or notice someone using foul language, send a report to

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