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tekkit - the work in progress


this is a community based server and as such there is no land claiming due to this you will get mffs stuff to help you start also there is no random tp system and spawn is unclaimed meaning that you can build a server spawn your self that way the server is more of a community than anything else

now to lay the rules down:
NO RAIDING(if you raid, i raid you in gm with nukes, Hint: don't)
NO SCAMMING(if you do, ill downgrade your base to a Winnebago)
depending on the situation (in other words if i see you do it i take the stuff in your inventory)
asking for stuff:
just ask i will consider giving it to you(don't ask for staff i will ask you if i think you can do the job)
allowed if you take less then 10% over 10% you'll get a visit from Mr.nuke
swearing in chat
nothing just do it we will under stand
worlds that get reset:
mystcraft ages every Monday

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