This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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KruxKraft Tekkit Lite | 0.6.1 | Grief Free | Very


Are you tired of awful tekkit servers, only allowing few new blocks and items? Do you want a great place to engineer and hang out? Want a great economy, complete with in-game and website-based stores?

Then look no further!

We offer a unique survival play experience! Very few items are actually banned! Friendly and knowledgeable staff! Unlike many unprofessional servers, we are 24/7, with a 99% uptime!

Ban list:

  • Mining Turtles (Uncontrollable griefing)

  • Nukes (Uncontrollable griefing)

  • Mining laser (Uncontrollable griefing)

  • Quarry (Won't be in a later "wasteland" world)

  • iTNT (Uncontrollable TNT)

  • Tesla coil (Player killing)

  • Automatic crafting table (used to circumvent banned item crafting)

  • Minium Stone (Uncontrollable griefing) - You can craft it, you just cannot right click with it.

Vote now for an additional $1000 in game!

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