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High-Tekkit SMP Tekkit Server [Protection/Anti Gre


Hey, my last post regarding this was a bit disheveled, so I figured I'd make a nice one explaining the server. It's 24/7 I rent a server from TekkitHost. It does have everything enabled except World Anchor, Ring Of Ingnition, Nukes, And TnT. It's a brand new fresh world. If you happen to be intrested in joining us please follow the whitelist application below. This whitelist is just our way to keep out immature players that like to break rules. We have gone to great measures to ensure you have a good experience here. Our plugins like LWC and precious stones work together to keep out greifiers and thieves, or just unwanted guests.

The rules are:

-No griefing, stealing, or harassment of any kind. The chat logs are read daily and if you are caught doing any of the following you will be banned.

-No offensive or racist remarks or skins.

-Do not ask for op or creative, you will be banned. This is just common sense.

-No raiding anyone else's bases, homes, companies, etc. if you want to do that find somewhere else to play.

-No flymodding, hacking, or X-ray textures or mods. We have multiple plugins that easily detect idiots who use these in our server.

-Don't be an ass, show respect for other players and staff.

-try not to let your quarries overflow, this lags the server and ruins yours and others experience. This is bankable after warning

-do not purposely melt down someone's reactor. And for the people who use reactors, its a good idea to remove the uranium cells when you aren't online.

-Respect staff, don't complain when you've been told of rule breaking or a ban.

Whitelist application:



Have you played on a Tekkit server before? Are you familliar with Tekkit?

Have you read the rules and agree to them?:

Why we should whitelist you:

Please allow us a day or two to review your application. I will reply you have been whitelisted and tell you the server address. Thanks.


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