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Minerva's Realm



You need to Update Tekkit to version 1.1.5 before you can join The Server!

How to do that

If You are new to tekkit Space and to the Server, Click Here


Lag - Free

Thanks to a Powerful CPU (3.6 GHz) and to 16 GigaBytes of RAM, the server is

totally Lag - Free.

If you don't believe me, Check This Out.

TPS are stable at 20.Ping is fixed at 100ms.


The server has an Uptime of the 99% (1% For Basic Maintenance)

There has been just One Crash since the server was opened.

No Grief - No PvP

You can claim your very own little piece of world with GriefPrevention

Nobody (unless you /trust him/her) will be able to Brake,Place or Use blocks in your Claim.


Level up and Earn exclusive Perks!

You will be able to Mine, Excavate and Fight Mobs Faster than ever.

Skills work with Tekkit Tools and Blocks as well.


Join a city or found your own, improve it, advertise it, find new citizens and expand.

Player Owned Shops

You can Buy or rent your very own shop, customize it and advertise it.

You can Sell your stuff to other players or you can buy stuff from them.

Shops are only allowed in Towns and in Shop Plots.

A Huge Economy System

Earn Money Fighting Mobs, Voting, Trading and get rewarded for the time you spend on the server in ATMs.Once you have earned some money, you can buy in shops, buy/rent your own shop or even found a new Town!


Our LWC Setup Allows you to protect most

of the blocks wich are in Tekkit.Automatically.


Are you tired of having to walk for hours looking for a free spot where to build your house?

Here is the solution : Just click on

a sign and be telepoted to a random

location in the world.


You can deposit your XP or your Money, without losing anything on death.

You can even earn money for the time you spend on the server!

Improved Moneydrops

I had to code a very simple but effective plugin for preventing autospawner

Money Drops.This will result in a fair money distribution :D

Raw Meteoric Iron Crafting Recipe

Yeah, meteoric iron is quite rare, especially when you are playing on a server.

So we added a custom recipe for Raw meteoric Iron.


As you may know Tekkit is a Modpack thought

for Single-Player Gaming.

We need to remove some mods and Items

to prevent Lag and offer the best

gaming Experience.

Chunk Loaders are Banned

There are 2 Exeptions :

Quarries are only allowed in The Pit.

Teleport Tethers are restricted.

Mystcraft is Restricted

Dimensionsl Doors is removed.

We also had to remove 2 Modular Powersuite Modules

Spinning Blades

They Bypass GriefPrevention.

Lux Capacitor

People usually Enjoy throwing them everywhere.



This is the Main World,

Shops, Towns, The Spawn and Player Houses are Here.


It Is The Nether, it is Regenerated Monthly

to ensure wealth of resources.

If you use Magmatic Engines,

I'd Suggest you to convert to BioFuel.


This is The Mining World,

Quarrys, Mining Wells, Turtles, Laser Drills and TNT

are only allowed here.

The Moon

It's The Moon.

You can't set homes up there.

Bringing Oxygen is Recommanded.


No Hacked Clients

Do not ruin the Main world

(For Example, creating Energized Glowstone or other kind of Coloumns.)

Do not take advantage of Bugs or Glitches


We also added a Timed Ranks System.

Depending on the time a user spends on the server, he can "Level Up"

Here are all The Ranks :


Your Initial Rank


Obtained after 2 Days Spent on The Server


Obtained after 4 Days Spent on The Server.


Obtained after 6 Days Spent on the Server


Obtained after 8 Days Spent on the Server


Obtained after 10 Days Spent on the Server

These Ranks don't have any Perks, They have an Informational Use.

Someone can know your Experience just reading your Prefix.


On Our Website you can Find some very good Tutorials to get started In Tekkit Space,

A Forum, a ChatBox, a ShoutBox a Donation Store and General Infos About the server.



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