This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Revived Gaming


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Revived Gaming is a 24/7 pvp/raid server. EE ENABLED!!! Shops Enabled!!! TNT is not enabled. PVP is enabled, but this is NOT a HARDCORE PVP server. We have a dedicated hard working staff who are there for you! There is no type of cheating allowed. Anti-Cheat is enabled, and logs are checked daily.

Factions are used to protect your land, so long as you have enough power to keep your land you can not be greifed.

Just remember, tekkit items are not protected. Machines, condensers, etc can be stolen from. This is a raiding server. Protect your stuff!

Vanilla chests are auto protected!

Personal safes are what you use to protect your own stuff inside your faction!

Their are very few rules to abide by.

Respect all staff members.

No glitching of any kind.
(i.e - hitting players through doors, no breaking blocks and hitting players)

No swearing in chat, keep it to the factions and /msg , we want it a good environment for all ages.

No spawn camping

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