This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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RevengeCraft Tekkit Server is a fun server with no griefers (at least none we haven't banned). A nice lake sandstone spawn, well lit, with cheap minimal stores selling via trade-o-mats only unprocessed items. Example: We sell sand, but not glass. Teleporters to far away places allow you to start out nice and far from spawn, to avoid contact if you so choose.
Our Main Rules:
No Griefing
No Hacking
Grief Prevention--Claim land with a gold shovel and let only people whom you /trust access chests, build/destroy blocks, and use buttons and levers. Note: Any modded blocks, like diamond chests or macerators, are not protected by this plugin or any other, so seal your area up and claim it so nobody steals/griefs anything. We can't stop griefing before it happens--and we won't help you if your land was griefed because you didn't claim it.
Essentials--all of the amazing commands like /sethome, /spawn, /tpa etc. On this server you are permitted to have 3 /sethome and one /home bed which is where you sleep.

Banned Items:
Destruction Catalyst

Nova Catalyst

Nova Catalysm

Volcanite Amulet

Evertide Amulet

Dark Matter and Red Matter Tools

Abyss Helmet

Infernal Armor

Gravity Greaves

Hurricane Boots

Anything that requires the above banned items to craft another item is also banned.

More information about why these items are banned can be found on the server website.

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