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Just a small server I made to test out my new computer and how much stress it can handle. Come here if you don't mind a small player amount and hopefully we can build a tiny community. I do have rules installed.

  1. spamming.
  2. Please do not ask for staff. I will pick staff if deemed I need to.
    2.5. Please don't try and help as many people as possible and show off all your skills and knowledge of Tekkit just to try and get staff. I'll know.
  3. Cheating is strictly prohibited on The Meridian. Anyone caught cheating will be jailed, then tempbanned, then permabanned. No questions asked.
  4. Please do not advertise on this server about your server. Doing that makes your server lowly and ruins its reputation.
  5. Please do not act immature on here. That means no perverted jokes, yo-mama jokes, trolling, and for the love of all things good, please do not use the fallacy of composition with cheaters. It's getting old.
  6. Please report anyone that you deem is suspicious. I ask that if someone does anything unfair to you that you message me using /msg instead of screaming it on chat.
  7. Please do have fun. Build to your maximum potential.

Note: I ask that anyone joining this server is at least 15+ and try to at least use proper grammar and spelling skills. I also ask, as in the rules above, that you do not be obnoxious, troll people, etc. Bronies are also welcome, just please keep the pony things to a minimum or you will be muted. Same goes for everyone who is being obnoxious.
Note 2: This server is a reincarnation of a very old server, so that being said the plugins are all mismatched and I have lost all the data from the other server. I'm currently in the process of re-developing the server and all of its lost information, please have patience as there will be many restarts I assume.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Abuse to the /nick feature will result in discipline. I do know there's the /whois command, but the people that I had to do that with are incredulous, and I eventually began to ban them. So please do not abuse this feature.
An even MORE important note: I know sometimes people like to impersonate others using the /nick command as well. You will realize that a person is a fake as there is a "~" enabled before there name while using a nickname. The real owner is Kojishi. He will sometimes use his nick as 'Koji'. Please be aware of this. The Co-Owner is Czar_Charm.

That's all I can think of. I also forgot, raiding is allowed. Griefing is also allowed, but to a lower extent. Please do not demolish anyone's buildings, especially the spawn. Perma-ban will be followed with the destruction of spawns. Have fun.

Also, I will try to get Factions installed.

UPDATE: Factions have been installed.

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