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Other Ip:
WhiteList so sign up at website apply!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
.There are no ops admins or owners
No griefing. Ever. This means destroying any block placed by another player. No stealing. If you find a chest without protection, you are not entitled to take from it. Keep to your own belongings.
You cannot claim someone else's things or builds regardless of how long they have been inactive. If you wish to build on the land of someone who has been gone for more than 30 days, ask a staff member to verify their absence and tear the structure down.
Respect all players
No spamming the chat. This includes any unnecessary repetition or symbols.
Respect the buildings of others.
No advertising other servers anywhere.
Always protect your creations or if it is an exceptionally large build, ask a staff member to region it for you.
Do not use an X-ray mod or X-ray texture packs.
No death traps, including 1x1 holes.
Use appropriate language in chat and do not post links or pictures.
If someone feels disrespected by something you say and they ask you to stop, stop. If you continue being disrespectful, you will be banned. .
Do not surface mine. This means that you shouldn't mine more than 5 or so blocks in any one particular area of the map's surface. This makes the server look sloppy and is very hard to keep up with. This will result in a 30-day temp ban.

So you think you have what it takes to be a factory owner,huh ?
You must be Age 8+ to apply
Fill out the form and submit your application !

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