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Hey guys! T4hax tekkit server just came out! We run the classic tekkit! We are 24/7! It is whitelisted and can hold up to 100 people w/o lagg! If you have any question's please email the admins response team at
Our forums are
Our Server IP is

-Custom spawn with info-
-Town Shop-
-Town portal hub-
-Custom donating-
-Server forums-
-Amazing staff-
-24/7 Dev team at
-Server Currency-
-Custom Plugins-
-Supports up to 100 slots-
-Server restart every Hour for SUPREME connection-

-And many more!-

-Banned items-
-Industrial Alarm's-
-Industrial Howler's-

Fill out this Whitelist application in a reply or at our Forums

IGN Name:


Why do you wan't to join our server:

Why do you think you deserve to be whitelisted:

What you will do to help the server:

Tell us a bit about yourself:

Will you be an active member:


-Computer specs-
Processor- Intel i3-2120 3.30 GHZ
Ram- 8GB
Operating system- Windows 7 pro
-System ratings- (out of 7.9)
Processor- 7.1
Memory (Ram)- 7.7

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