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Haven's Cove

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You will need to apply on the above site for building rights.

We're not your typical Minecraft server. Most places, you build, you buy, you explore. Whoopie. For those of you who don't know what Tekkit is, here's a briefer.
You get Magic. You get Science. Pick a side, or work for both. Machines, duplicators, new ore.

This is beyond the simple grab a few trees, grab some iron, diamond, house, done. Even those who go beyond Minecraft's intentions, making redstone marvels have a change in pace.
New items, like macerators that double ore.. Nuclear plants that power machines, and even a transmutation tablet to turn one item into another!
These are only the basics, the surface has barely been scratched!
Join us at Haven's Cove. Show us your brilliance. Show us what you can build.

What does science include, anyhow?
It gave us such plugins as..:
Locking boxes, machines, and doors!
The ability to own and protect your own land!
Even commands such as setting a home, and teleporting at your leisure!
Privileged members even get honours such as owning their own shops.
Think you can handle science? We don't.
Prove us wrong!

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