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Tekkit World - Player Ran, Voted Plugins, Discord


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Tekkit worlds is a new release project aimed to extend the gameplay of this modpack
by removing some of the overpowered items, giving the players a good fresh start.

-amplified map
Player Voted Plugins so far(Yet to be confirmed and installed)

The server is 100% playable and you will not lose any progress
new players will recieve the alpha tester rank and kit for limited time until we hit version 0.5.
Then the alpha testers will be the only players with that rank.
The next rank given out will be to beta testers, and after that no free ranks until further notice.

Hiring 2 Builders
1 Admin
2 Moderators
1 Community manager
1 Graphics artist
and lastly 1 Project Leader to help keep the team organized.

Donations and Voting rewards coming soon.

Server is dedicated 24/7 Stable Host

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