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Welcome to King Arthur's Court!!

Hosted by:



Server info

Tekkit Version: 1.1.5
King Arthur's Court Theme
Great Staff
Very Few Banned Items
All Mods Enabled
4GB Dedicated Ram
No Lag!

Banned Items

Lux Capacitors
Chunk Loader


  1. No hacks, Exploiting or Lagging the Server
    -This includes any server altering mods, x-ray mods, x-ray texture packs, fly mods, entity lag or anything that harms the server for any reason.

  2. No soliciting
    -Don't advertise another server.

  3. No griefing, Raiding
    -Don't steal, place or break blocks that aren't part of your property. This is considered griefing

  4. Use Common Sense!
    -If you have doubts about doing something, it's probably not allowed.

  5. Have Fun!
    -This is a video game after all. No need to have small disagreements and throw a fit over them.

  6. No Asking for ranks / items
    -Ranks are earned and items will not be given out to anyone.

  7. Don't be a douche
    -Trolling, immaturity, incessant whining will not be tolerated

  8. Don't spam
    -This includes excessive usage of capital letters, flooding in-game chat, or forums.

  9. Respect a player's space
    -Remove your /home from their physical home if they ask. Don't just barge in on someone.




Peasant(visitor 1 home) /kit tools

squire(8hrs of playtime ) use of quarries

Knight(16hrs of playtime 2 homes) /hat

Baron(24hrs of playtime 3 homes) use of mining turtles

Count(2 days of playtime 4 homes) use of dimensional doors

Champion(donate $3) 4 homes can use arenas and has the abilities of the regular ranks.


Mystic(donate $5) 4 homes can use arenas mystcraft and has the abilities of the regular ranks.

Black Knight (donate $10) 5 homes /fly /hat /kit tools can use quarries turtles mystcraft arenas and dimension doors

Sir Gaheris(assistant)
Sir Tristan (assistant )
Sir Lamorak (assistant)
Sir Bedivere (Mod)
Sir Kay(mod)
Sir Bors de Ganis(Mod)
Sir Gawain (admin)
Sir Galahad (admin)

Sir Percivale(admin)
Sir Lancelot (Headadmin)

King Arthur(owner)
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