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Destiny: Tekkit Main [WORLD RESET [7/02/2017]




i love this server it gets some lag but everyone is really nice so come join us. :D say flaming sent you
Posted 22nd Sep 2016
Lol "Little items banned" Thats bullshit. They Ban half the items from the mod pack. I font recommend this server
Posted 18th Sep 2016
Great Server!

Staff is very limited right now but that does not take away from the awesome community on there that helps with any problems you may have. It is by far the most bug-free server I have tried and has been around for many years now. The anti griefing system is top notch, I have only seen a handful of legitimate cases over the 2 years I have been on and off the server. The only items banned are ones that would cause too much lag or allow a player to grief another.
Posted 22nd Jul 2016
Very poor staff and setup. Don't touch this server with a 10ft pole.
Posted 17th Jul 2016