This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Technology Craft [Factions] [Tekkit Classic]


Technology Craft:
The server dedicated to the scientist in all of us.
Enjoy your stay and don't forget to read the rules.
There is a zero tolerance for breaking them.

The rules:

  1. Do not random raid or pvp
  2. Join the peace faction to opt-out of raid and pvp, if you do: post a sign in your base in a obvious location.
  3. Raiding is not the same as griefing.
  4. No griefing!
  5. Never ask for ranks.
  6. Never ask for spawned items.
  7. If griefed contact admin ASAP
  8. If raided rebuild, move, or seek revenge.
  9. Don't start flame wars.
  10. Never spam or advertise.
  11. Never beg for anything.
  12. If having a conversation, PM or Faction chat.
  13. Don't troll or hack.
  14. Have fun!


  1. Raiding is slight destruction and theift
  2. Griefing is placement of lava, water, etc.
    OR, the excessive destruction.
  3. Hacking is defined as glitching, or using external programs to give your self an unfair advantage.
  4. Only time when it is okay to ask for a rank is from guest to builder.

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