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[3.1.3] Lands of Inferna [PvE/PvP][20 slots][Open]



Our server is a friendly community of players. We follow these rules:


  1. Respect the player and the person ? no name calling, no bullying, no griefing, no stealing
  2. Have fun and be creative
  3. Build a community of friendship and trust

When you first join the server you will be an untrusted player. This means you have a limited area to play on and more items from tekkit will be unavaileble to you. To become a trusted player you have to play often, be nice and get to know the players and admins.

From time to time we host "attraction maps" where players get to play around with things like mob killing (arenas) and awesome adventure maps.

We allow PVP but please dont abuse it, we'd like for players to feel safe and welcome on our server.

We currently have 6 active admins and between all of us, at least 1 admin is online periodically during the course of the day.

Since we are running the latest build of tekkit you have to make sure your launcher is up to date if you want to join.


ATTENTION: Since we are running the latest build of tekkit you have to update your launcher. Heres how; Open Technic Launcher, click "options". Click "Select modpack build" and pick the latest build (marked "latest").

Trusted item Bans:

Gem of eternal Density,
Zero Ring,
Ring of Arcana,
Alchemical Tome,
Destruction Catalyst,
Howler Alarm,
Ring of ignition,

Untrusted item bans;

Nova Catalyst,
Nova Cataclysm,
World Anchor,
Reactor Chamber,
Forcefield Cores,
Dimensional Anchors,
Anchor Cart,
Ring of Ignition,
Destruction Catalyst,
Catalytic Lens,
Zero Ring,
Ring of Arcana,
Alchemical Tome,
Howler Alarm,
Crystal Chest,
Mining Laser,
DM Pedestal,
Block Breaker,
Ender Chests,
Black Hole Chests,
Infernal Armor,
Volcanite Amulet,
Evertide Amulet,
Black Hole Band

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