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NO BS ANARCHY | Tekkit | 1.2.9E | PVP | Raiding


An anarchy server where pvp, raiding, and griefing is allowed. It is up to you to protect yourself with the tools available in tekkit.

Chicken chunks mod removed. Four items removed. Unlimited Mystcraft and Dimensional Doors. Dimensions on this server are never wiped. Visit the forum thread below for more info.

NoBsAnarchy is exactly that. Anarchy without the bullshit.

- No admins to wipe your ass & tell you youre doing a good job.

- No Protection plugins to protect shit that you yourself are entirely capable of defending yourself.

- No Tp because lets be honest
teleport plugins are over rated.... thats what Mystcraft's for.
and yes.... we have that. endless teleport and world creation.

The only law, is anarchy. rule is as the players make it.
the strongest rule
the strongest MAKE the rules
and if you cant handle gettin the proverbial thumb up your ass for being a mouthy lil shitbag

then this server
is not
for you

if youre want to lie, cheat, steal, build and/or destroy
then taste the anarchy >=3

'n' on the topic of Legacy items
there are items that cant be crafted that still exist in the game like "infinite energy cards" and such.
instead of being deleted, these items are referred to as Legacy Items. Ownership and use of these items is allowed and the use/acquisition of these items is encouraged.
Posted 21st Mar 2017
First of all, don't come in expecting stuff to be regulated, NOTHING WILL, you can do whatever you want hence the point of anarchy, just try not to overdo certain things and there is a tool to check that. Just prepare yourself at least from the hard mode mobs when you first come in. From there you are on your own.

This is a very old server to my experience, but I have only gone to this server, never dies, as everything remains in game and literally keeps its history. There were many wars in the past, and I believe there are rare prizes (legacy items) from post-war to be found. Me and my friend has found one of them, will you join in and find the rest?
Posted 18th Mar 2017
Servers junk. What staff show up are junk. Owners junk. It's laggy and unplayable.
Join a real server
For the best Tekkit. Not this crap
The server replied:
Real servers don't advertise in reviews of junk servers.
Posted 16th Mar 2017