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Server Name: MLTNET Survival+
Server Locale: United States East Coast
SubReddit: /r/mltnet
Server Address/IP:
Game Play Type/s: [SMP][PvE][PvP]{Whitelist}{Forestry}{Railcraft}
Additional Worlds: Twilight Forest, DIM Pockets
Description: MLTNET Survival+ is aspiring to be your next dream vacation when it comes to advanced custom servers! I began this server a few months back for my girlfriend and a few friends and are very delighted to be re-opening the doors once again to new members. Our aim is for users to have 100% fun here, and not be alienated by admins, griefers, or any negative influences. We use a variety of custom server modifications and configuration for a truly unique experience. The server owner is a seasoned software engineer.
We are primarily survival orientated, and do not provide creative mode to anyone. Our moderators aren't even allowed to cheat either... We feel it takes away from the massive fun. VIPs still get some perks however, check out the website for those details!
Whitelist Application: MLTNET Survival+ is white-listed for our members' protection and we do have some basic requirements.
Please read the server rules located below before applying.
Age Limit: 16 and older please. We sometimes get raunchy... jk Must know written English. Teamspeak is optional. Live and let live type of attitude, we don't like passive-aggressive-ness
We don't need many rules because the ones we have are so simple.
Do unto others as you would do upon yourself. (Everyone is very chill because of this one, )
Don't abuse the lands, the lords, or the ladies. (No griefing of any kind, and don't tear up the terrain)
If you think it might lag, don't be a wizard about it. (These plugins are very powerful, respect our hardware and other users when using advanced machinery)
The King and Queen always have the last say. (If noone else knows, ask cantchoos or SecretAgentGal about it) for more details.
Server Hardware: VPS Hosting: - 10+ Man / 4GB Ram / 100 MBps (hosted with [])
Plugins: [Factions] [Essential] [WorldEdit] [WorldBorder]
Owner/Admins/Moderators: cantchoos / SecretAgentGal

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