This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Welcome to EmpireAttacks!

Hey! If your here your probably looking for a new server right, well look no further, if your tired of servers that take them selves to seriously, had tons of banned items, or just don't put in the effort to make the server fun, try empire attacks, we work hard to keep banned items minimal, to patch and update as often as needed BUT we still have fun and often play and joke around with our players.


  • Treat players and staff fairly and respectfully.
  • Do not use hacks or exploits to break the economy or server.
  • Do not cause lag to the server purposefully.
  • Do not Grief.

Custom Plugins

Empire Attacks runs a few custom plugins such as EXPS to add some custom aspects to the game that we hope balance the economy and make general game play a little more fun all round, we get allot of input from the community about these plugins .

Stupid Resets

ALLOT of tekkit server simple have to reset from time to time, the worlds get laggy and its simply a matter of time before it must happen, to try and make this experience as pain free for players as we can, we store allot of information in databases this way, you wont lose everything and can just spend an hour or two to find a home and build again. (semi new server so no reset for a WHILE YET)

Tip: read forums we WILL try to always post a vote to see if players want/agree that a reset is needed before we do it.


We try our best to pick only the best staff for our server, sometimes the odd bad egg will get through but we will quickly deal with this, for the most part we have great staff who know how to play the game and can help players effectively, these staff members are able to help without using rank abilities as well, but should they need to they know how, they can rollback griefs and many staff members who the owner knows and trusts gain minor console access so in the event he is not on and the server crashes they are able to deal with it.


Once you are happy with our server, you can help us by voting for us on here, we wont give rewards for this, its simply letting us know we did a good job, we wont accept vote rewards because then your voting to gain, the players that vote for us should do so because you think we deserve it.

Check out our website.

Nice server And a Nice owner
Posted 5th Jul 2016