This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Bluespark Community Tekkit Server No Banned Items

Automated UU-Matter Production Using CCSensors
ZeZe_5`s Base
The Chest Of Respect
The Server Emblem


Our server uses the current recommended Tekkit build.
We have a no banning policy, instead we jail you for appropriate amounts of time (including forever for extremely serious offences). Along with this, we also have no whitelist and no banned items.
You are allowed to play on many different maps using the Multiverse, and each map has a different purpose. The main world where you spawn is the hub world linking you to all the other worlds using portals, the survival world is a greifing/raiding, pvp world with no banned items. the creative world is a plot world where you have two plots one flat and one and a mountainous one allowing you to experiment and build. the nether and end are enabled as is survival games (in progress) and a RPG world. the server is extreamly fun where there are constant events and staff always willing to help. we do get a lot of hackers and trolls but when they come we have a special place where everyone on the server can come and poke these annoying people to your hearts content.

UPDATE: NEW MAP (For Our Old Players We Still Have The Old Map)

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