This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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1.2.5 [NO-PVP] Tekkit 3.1.2 +Factions +Essentials


Just a fun tekkit server to build to set up a claim. Plenty of Room available. If you are looking for a place to tekkit and stuff and Not have to worry about someone stabbing you in the back while your working then come on in! All chests are lockable with Lockette!

Essentials, Factions, iConomy, Lockette, Noitem, Vault, WorldEdit, Worldguard, CoreProtect

Currently Banned Items: Abyss Helmet, Block Breaker, Cannon, Catalytic Lens, Destruction Catalyst, Dimensional Anchor, Dynamite, Evertide Amulet, Industrial TNT, Infernal Armor,Gravity Greaves, Hurricane Boots, HyperKinetic Lens, Mercurial Eye, Nova Catalyst, Nova Cataclysm, Nuke, Ring of Arcana, Ring of Ignition, Terraformer, TNT, TNT Cart, Teleport Tether, Triangulator, Tunnel Bore, Turtles, Void Ring, Volcanite Amulet, Watch of Flowing Time, World Anchor

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