This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Rekk Towny


Enjoy Tekkit and more! PvP enabled, grief protection, all the great mods within the tekkit modpack and most importantly, towny!

With mine...and craft. With Tekkit, this is expanded into the realms of the nigh-impossible, from the alchemical madness of Equivalent Exchange to the high-tech machinery of IndustrialCraft2 to the gizmos and gadgetry of Redpower2 and Buildcraft, Tekkit is so much more than Minecraft.

But our server isn't just tekkit! It's a towny server as well.

Towny is a plugin which lets you create towns, expand them, let others join your town, form nations, protect areas from grief or pvp, and even go to war with other nations! Build technological empires or castles of wizardry. Lead friends and subjects in economic conquest with iConomy and mcJobs, or take over the world, one townblock at a time. Do you have what it takes?

Join our server to find out.

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