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Puddil! (Tekkit Galacticraft)


We are a Tekkit server runing the latest tekkit version GALACTIC TEKKIT!!! we are also a Faction server that gives the player the choice whether or not to take part in factions. there are three admin factions that players can join by filling out applications on and then in those faction or guilds the player can not only take on jobs given by staff and other players but they can also send out jobs for other players to do and complete. Taking random jobs can give the player anything between money and other items, then the player can pay for another player to do something for them.

For everybody planing to be part of the factions and guilds the staff hold weekly wars between the admin guilds and staff sponsored factions. Note all factions are default peaceful and cannot take part in the wars until the are sponsored by a staff member in which 1/4 of the winnings of that faction goes to the respective staff members guild. The Sponsorship application can also be found on the website.

At the moment there are no banned items on our server BUT whether or not the items are banned all depends on the way you the players decide to use those items. Basically be mature and use the items with maturity or get them banned and this principle can also be applied to the mods as well.

All new users can be added to the player rank from the guest rank by simply signing up at

Our rules aren't unreasonable all we ask is that you do not greif the players not participating in factions, that you do not use excessive cursing (swearing), be kind and respectful to all players including staff (mods, admins and owners). finally the most important thing we ask you to do is HAVE FUN!!!!

hope to see you all there!!! :)

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