This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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This server was created with a dream that fun and laughter could come back into the Tekkit Classic community again. Where there were no corrupt power hungry staff members or complete D** running the server just to take your money from donations instead of being kind and caring and appreciating every player and donator equally! We pride ourselves for caring about the players more than any other server. We have a vast amount of humor and fun on this server and hope every players that joins it enjoys the server as much as we do! So join today there is nothing to lose!

Features of our Tekkit Classic Server:

Multiple Worlds: PvE and PvP so you have the best of a non griefing environment and a blood thirsty cut throat PvP environment

Minigames: We are implementing lots of minigames so the player basis can enjoy the game even more!

Large care for the players opinions: If you would like to give your opinion just sign up on the forums and write us something we should do or implement into our server we will take all opinions into account!

Prize Giveaways!: For the top voter of the month you get a free 25$ rank on the server! For the most helpful Player on the server you get a good shot at becoming a staff member and a free steam game with the key! Give credit where credit is deserved!

Friendly Owner and Staff: The owner and staff will always be online to help you wish any issues or tekkit help! We are all very experienced kind mature players, so don't be afraid to ask for any kind of help! Some sort of staff will always be online!

Cool Donator options: We are implementing more and more donator options everyday for our generous players! Most servers say hey these items are banned and you can not ever get them! We say otherwise our donators will have access to some banned items depending at which rank you are!

Fastest Growing Tekkit Classic Server on the list: We are one of the fastest growing servers on the list if not the FASTEST. Which means we are always looking for more staff and get about 50-70 new players per day! So if you are looking for a recently new server that will hit the top ten before you know it please join LulzCraft today!

X_Amberlily_x AKA Amberlily

Firered404 AKA Chris

D3monSlay3r100 AKA Richard

Co-Owner: IDED AKA Alan

Owner: Redalert380 AKA Dustin

-Dustin Owner of LulzCraft

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