This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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HybridTekkit [24/7] [PVP] [No whitelist] [2 worlds


I welcome you to join HybridTekkit!

We are a server that has 2 worlds. One with the condenser allowed and one with it banned. You can choose to play in both worlds if you wish.

Here are the descriptions of both worlds:

The world with condenser enabled:

  • No economy
  • PreciousStones to protect from grief
  • EMC generators (blaze rod, bone meal etc.) are banned and fixed.
  • Collectors are banned, because with them you could just afk and get 10000 diamonds without doing anything.
  • Some stuff that is NOT banned: Flying ring, DM and RM Tools, Destruction Catalyst, Mining Laser, Quarries, Quantum Armor

The world with condenser disabled:

  • Economy and ability to make shops!
  • Towny to protect your creations and a spawn town to give you safety when starting out.
  • Without the condenser:

Tekkit is more challenging!

Everything becomes more valuable!

There's much more to do and everything you do is an achievement!

You can find out more in the server so join and decide which world you want to play in! :)

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