This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Tekkit Lite with Server Mods


Join us on our Tekkit Lite server using Towny, iConomy, and ChestShop. All items are open and available to use. Join us now and create your own city! Rise to power and become a ruler of the land! Have residents join your town or nation and build together to become a superpower over all rulers. Wage war against your foes and/or forge alliances to become more powerful and rich! The more residents you have, the more your town or nation makes in taxes. Use your money to expand your land holdings or to purchase from players shops for needed resources to provide for your nation.

Join us on our teamspeak at

No whitelist on the server, your items are protected against griefing unless your nation is at war, then the enemy could destroy and steal your items. Choose wisely who you choose as your leader or how you run your nation.

01/04/13 - Removed ChickenChunks (Tekkit Lite default mod), was causing a world leak, preventing players from wandering too far from spawn (got "Internal Server Error"). If you had this problem, it is now fixed. If you didn't have this problem, well, it's still fixed.

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