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24/7 - PVP world - No greif - Mob Reward - Chestsh

PVP World
Mining World
Quarantine World
Church of the all mighty Chicken


Welcome to Yourcraft:

Yourcraft is based around the idea that you should be able to play, on the same server, different types of activities and be rewarded for it, harder activities like PvP will give you greater rewards and titles. The goal is to gather enough money to claim land and build yourself towns and factions, there is absolutely no cheating, everything built on the server is real gathered materials, only the town hall infrastructure has been built in creative.There is 4 different worlds in YourCraft, accesible with a colored portal;


  • 16 GB of RAM
  • 280 Slot
  • Dallas, Texas host

    -Quarantine world:A place long forgotten, brave souls may venture in this world and try to survive hordes of ZOMBIES. In this world, zombies can track you down as far as 50 blocks, they can also break into your house and kill you. Each monster kills grants a chance to get Pwnfluz, the server currency.

  • The PvP world: GRIEFERS and PLAYER KILLERS are known to roam these lands and build secret bunkers... In this world you will need to try and gather resources and make yourself weapons and armor and claim land for your faction. This world is the most rewarding; killing a player grants a lot of money.

  • The Town world: Snatch a piece of land and make yourself SHOPS to sell your goods, or simply build a house that is impossible to grief to put your goods in a safe spot.

  • The Mining world: Build powerful MACHINES and harvest this world goods, to sell or to build yourself a luxurious mansion in the town world.


  • WorldGuard
  • WorldEdit
  • Factions: Claim land! Yarr
  • MonsterApocalypse: Makes the monsters an actual real challenge
  • BoseEconomy
  • Vault
  • Lockette: keeps your chest away from griefers
  • Permx
  • ChestShop: allows you to create shops
  • Multiverse(all instances of it)
  • WorldPortal
  • WorldBorder
  • RecipieRepo
  • all the tekkit mods available to anyone!
    And a ton more!

RULES: This server as so much grief protection mechanism that the only rules we have is to be kind to others, don't build close to the spawn, and don’t exploit machines that will lag the server like nuclear plant ice makers...

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