This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Cookie Craft!


On our server, Cookie Craft, we don't care about the money, we care for our players very much, that's why we only pick the best staff, we make sure there are no hackers or dupers that are prepared to spoil everyone's fun. This server features ranks (rankup) minigames, and mainly Factions, Factions is a PvP world so do not get angry when you die.

On this server we do not tolerate any disrespecting, we do not tolerate mass swearing as well as hacking, duplicating in game items, glitching or any way of cheating.

I think the server is great, the staff members seem kind and dedicated to the server, Jamest, Swie and Blaze are all fantastic staff members who are active.

I think the server could do with a little work, nothing's perfect, but i'm sure they'll have it sorted really quickly :)
-Dr. Joseph "OC40" A. Ph.D
Posted 6th Jul 2016
This server is rather crappy, the staff are not trained and are extremely rude, all of their config files must be an absolute disaster, nothing works, nobody talks, everything is just plain boring...I'm not one to usually give a negative review, I like to see the good in things but this server is honestly just plain terrible, don't bother wasting your time
Posted 4th Jul 2016
If you like aids and cancer you'll love this server. Staff has brain damage. Players are kindergartners. If you enjoy this server, chances are you have brain damage as well.
Posted 4th Jul 2016